At Cascade Gnome, we endeavor to offer a variety of strains to show off all the unique characteristics this amazing plant can express. 

Whether it’s THC, CBD, CBG, THCv, CBT, Terpinolene, Myrcene or Farmenese, our flowers are full of cannabinoids and terpenes, while tasting great and smooth to burn.


aliens on Moonshine

This 2:1 ratio CBD strain is truly special. It is rich in Myrcene and Pinene, along with a broad spectrum of other terpenoids which creates a robustly earthy profile that’s sweet and pungent! A calming strain that is great for medical patients and recreational consumers alike.


black cherry soda

The flavor profile is mostly dark/sweet fruit and a hint of effervescence on exhale. High in Caryophyllene and THC without much Myrcene, the effect is a super relaxing/comfortable high that isn’t too sleepy or heady. Great for people looking for high potency and a clean head!

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grape ape

This fruity hybrid is one of our biggest crowd pleasers. The delicious smell is primarily of Concord grape, with a secondary cheesy funk to it that is just delightful. The high is euphoric and care free, striking a nice balance between relaxing and uplifting effects. An approachable flavor and medium potency make it great for newer consumers and 1%+ Myrcene makes it a must for the more seasoned.



You have probably run into this classic strain before, but you may have never tasted it quite like this! Our soil combined with the sun has created a complex flavor profile that any fan of diesels and OG’s should love. The flavor of gas with secondary notes of pinewood, salt and black pepper creates harmony on the tounge. The high is heady and energetic, but balanced by significant body relaxation. Not for the easily paranoid.


Pink Lemonaid

Our friends at Annunaki Genetics developed their first show stopper several years ago and she has developed a following. This strain has prominent nose of musky pine with notes of bright fruits that gives it that “lemonade” taste. She is extraordinarily high in CBG content, routinely testing at over 3% in a finished flower, with tests as high as 4.5% CBG. Some users say that this strain gives an energetic and stimulating high while others report that it was a calm and focused experience. The difference in user reports speaks to the interesting profile of the strain which is not common on the market. Great to try if you are looking for a unique experience!


Orange SHERBET Gorilla cookies (OSGC)


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