Cascade Gnome is a tier 3 producer/processor located in the high desert of Grant County, WA - a perfect climate and environment for growing cannabis outdoors!  

Located in a community with deep agricultural roots, we are able to source major components of our living soil from local farms.  

We are a grower owned and operated farm. Grower-owned allows us to have the most control of our growing styles and allows us to lay a foundation and cultivate our garden better and better, year after year.  Not only does our gardening stay consistent, we are passionate cannabis producers and consumers that care deeply about what we do.

our flowers soak up 300 days of sun per year.


Our Mission

It is our mission to provide Washington state with premium, organic, environmentally sustainable cannabis rich in flavor at an affordable price.  We strive for a final product full of flavor and carrying the maximum benefits cannabis can offer. We care about our planet and work diligently to produce minimal to no waste, and enrich our farms ecosystem year after year.

Did you know…

We don’t have to flush our plants. We use living soil enriched with microorganisms rather than synthetic nutrients often used in cannabis cultivation.

We are pesticide free! The chickens and ducks pay their rent by naturally protecting our plants from pests. They also help fertilize and aerate our soil.

We are a ZERO WASTE farm. Even our left over plant husks are fed to our resident goats.

We buy local! Using some of the agricultural by products from the surrounding agricultural community to feed our plants and nurture our living soil.